Notorious Alien Space Agents

Notorious Alien Space Agents

NASAs are aliens that love fast food and sticking it to the man. An NFT collection comprised of aliens and bosses in an intergalactic food war.


Earth has been invaded by Evil Alien Bosses who turned it into a vegan planet after their leader choked on a fried chicken wing. For hundreds of years, they have been abducting Earth's pets and transporting them to a twisted laboratory on the planet Uranus420. Through evil science experiments, these pets were reborn as mutants.

Now the mutants are escaping the lab and forming an organization called Notorious Alien Space Agents (NASA) to fight back against their alien bosses by smuggling fast food back to earth.

Delicious revenge indeed! Long live fast food! 🍕


The team

Our team of 5 agents have a ton of experience working at alien crypto firms. They’re clever, they’re mighty, and they’re ready to declare war on all vegetables.

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Agent Ripley
Brand + Content
Designer at Coinbase. NFT lover and general enthusiast.
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Agent Bill
Product + Marketing
Senior Engineer at Coinbase, Crypto investor since 2016, Defi and NFT Degen
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Agent Spiky
Senior Product Manager at Coinbase. Crypto Angel Investor.
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Agent Badass
Staff software engineer at Coinbase. Privacy enthusiast.
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Agent Kibbles
Animator at Nickelodeon. Really chill dude.
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Agent Mulligan
Art Director
Playboy, Disney, Marvel. Long term crypto investor. General raconteur and reprobate.


NASA is a one of a kind NFT Game which starts as a collection of premium quality 5555 Notorious Alien NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Holding one of these Aliens gives you access to the DAO community fund and our utility token $YOLLAR that we’re building for the ecosystem. As a holder, you can immediately engage in our rich storytelling and fun, rewarding gameplay. Our team of agents have experience working on some of the biggest crypto products in the world, and we’re building this project in a way that it benefits the long-term holders the most. WAGMI.